Posted by: watertoysaustralia | September 10, 2012

Tootega wins sit-on-top kayak Award

Tootega’s Pulse 95 has just won the 2012 Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine Sit-On-Top of the Year category.

Now it’s official, and just confirms what we in Australia have known for some time. The Tootega Pulse 95 is the best sit-on-top kayak available. Not only is it great playing around in the waves at the beach but the hull design makes it super stable for all on water activities, no matter what your level of ability. A great acknowledgement for the hard work that went into designing a top of the range kayak  and manufacturing to the highest possible standards. Well done to the Tootega Team.

What they said about Tootega Pulse 95 in Canoe & Kayak UK magazine:
“For us it represents absolutely everything that is fun about sit-on-top kayak paddling. It’s a verifiable surf machine that will have beginners and experts alike grinning from ear-to-ear as they ride it into the beach, but at the same time it remains a stable and manoeuvrable kayak for just messing around on the flat.”

Length: 288cm     Width: 75cm     Weight: 19kg    Max. capacity: 125kg

Why not get on-board a Tootega Pulse 95 today. We have some super deals to celebrate the award.

Check them out on our website with this link.

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