Posted by: watertoysaustralia | March 21, 2012

Fantastic kayak seat

Tired of trying to get the perfect kayak seat ?  Tried padding it yourself but you never get it just right and its hard to change ?
Well now there is a better way with the Sweet Cheeks Kayak Seat insert and we now have them available on-line and at a special price. Great for sit in or sit-on-top style kayaks.
Check out the product review video at the bottom of the page.

Especially great for kayak fishing. When you’re out there for several hours there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable seat and now you have the answer with the Sweet Cheeks.

How good are they ? Well one kayak paddler just paddled solo across Bass Strait using one in his Nimbus Telkwa kayak and he reports that he had very sweet cheeks all the way. No sore rear end, no numbness and full support in all areas. Now that’s a recomendation.

Check it out at our on-line store. or follow this link to our product page

What is a Sweet Cheeks kayak Seat Insert ? Well it’s just that; an insert for your kayak seat that will transform any kayak seat into the most comfortable seat you’ve ever had.

What makes Sweet Cheeks so special? The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat. No pressure points. No more sliding around on your seat.



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