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Paddlers Guide to South Australia

From the majesty of the Murray River, to the captivating history of Port Adelaide, to the coastal splendour of Coffin Bay, and lots more in between.

South Australia has so much, so close.

The Paddler’s Guide to South Australia is the ultimate companion for seeing it all from the water.

  • 35 paddling trips – descriptions, maps, GPS coordinates
  • Trip locator maps
  • Historical information and local points of interest
  • Recommended places to eat, drink and stay the night
  • Expert equipment advice – kayaks, canoes, SUPs, fishing, transport
  • Preparation advice

Over 210 full-colour photos



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Paddlers Guide to Melbourne

Marvellous Melbourne is an exciting cosmopolitan city at the heart of a region with endless possibilities where
extraordinary surprises are to be found in every gorgeous lake, secluded creek, mighty river, and expansive bay.

The Paddler’s Guide to Melbourne is the ultimate companion for seeing this amazing part of the world from the water.

It includes:

•  20 paddling trips – descriptions, maps, GPS co-ordinates

•  Trip locator map

•  Historical information and local points of interest

•  Recommended places to eat, drink, and stay the night

•  Over 40 full-colour photos




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2nd Edition release – Paddlers Guide to NSW

The Paddler’s Guide To New South Wales Edition 2 contains comprehensive guides for the best flat water kayaking locations in the state, and more. This is no ordinary guidebook. Each trip is described with warmth and enthusiasm, and treated like a voyage of discovery. Maps and logistical details are supplemented with historical information, local points of interest, and quirky facts so you can immerse yourself in every adventure.


This guide is complied by Scott Rawstorne an active, keen and very knowledgeable paddler with experience in kayaks, canoes, sea kayaks and SUP’s. Scotts paddling trips have taken him up and down the east coast of Australia and Tasmania and more recently to Victoria and South Australia.

Other improvements made since the first publication include trip locator maps, colour coded sections for easy reference, GPS co-ordinates for every destination, location specific fishing information, and recommendations about where to eat, drink and stay the night.

The Paddler’s Guide to New South Wales – Edition 2 is the ultimate companion for seeing this amazing part of the world from the water.
It includes:

  • Enhanced trip locator maps
  • Colour coded sections for easy reference
  • GPS co-ordinates for every destination
  • Location specific fishing information
  • 39 new destinations
  • Recommended places to eat drink and stay the night for every location

Available to order online at $42.95 including shipping within Australia

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Tootega wins sit-on-top kayak Award

Tootega’s Pulse 95 has just won the 2012 Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine Sit-On-Top of the Year category.

Now it’s official, and just confirms what we in Australia have known for some time. The Tootega Pulse 95 is the best sit-on-top kayak available. Not only is it great playing around in the waves at the beach but the hull design makes it super stable for all on water activities, no matter what your level of ability. A great acknowledgement for the hard work that went into designing a top of the range kayak  and manufacturing to the highest possible standards. Well done to the Tootega Team.

What they said about Tootega Pulse 95 in Canoe & Kayak UK magazine:
“For us it represents absolutely everything that is fun about sit-on-top kayak paddling. It’s a verifiable surf machine that will have beginners and experts alike grinning from ear-to-ear as they ride it into the beach, but at the same time it remains a stable and manoeuvrable kayak for just messing around on the flat.”

Length: 288cm     Width: 75cm     Weight: 19kg    Max. capacity: 125kg

Why not get on-board a Tootega Pulse 95 today. We have some super deals to celebrate the award.

Check them out on our website with this link.

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Feather Sandpiper full carbon paddle – review

Robin using his Feather Sandpiper @ Port Broughton SA

Review by Robin Cross on his recently purchased Sandpiper carbon paddle we assembled for him.

The Feather Sandpiper  is quite simply the the most versatile paddle I have ever used.
It’s stand-out attribute is that it is equally happy to be used in a high or low angle stroke. It is the only high quality paddle to achieve this in my experience, others becoming more specialised and less forgiving as the price rises.

The Feather Sandpiper exhibits no flutter at any angle, is perfectly balanced for a light two or three finger grip, and produces minimal turbulence. Entry is silent, and swing weight minimal. The Feather is the most nearly perfect shape for a conventional blade, and combined with a good carbon shaft, one of the lightest.
After maintaining an average of 6.6kph for four hours, against a strong current and gusty wind, my shoulders and forearms exhibited none of the tiredness one would normally expect. Indeed the strokes in the last hour were better executed, with high angles and silent entry, than in the first hour. It actually improved my paddling style. For three successive days of fast, strong, long distance paddling no soreness was experienced, a testament to the blade balance as much as to the lightness. It is definitely at its best when matched with an ultra-light Kayak such as the Barracuda Beachcomber.
Yet the paddle is extremely strongly constructed, achieving the best compromise between lightness and strength I have encountered. The blades, efficient and light to use in flat water, have sufficient grunt to handle punching into a short sea chop, and work beautifully in stern rudder and other control strokes. A 60˚ offset is perfect, and other than for convenient storage, I can see no reason to spoil this paddle with a split shaft.
The Feather is a paddle with an enormous depth of ability, honed by years of experience, and a brilliant achievement.


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Paddling with the dolphins

Just imagine sitting out there in your kayak enjoying a peaceful paddling experience and without any clue or warning you are joined by a small pod of dolphins, well that’s exactly what happened to Justin from Adelaide whilst paddling around the mangroves at Garden Island.

Where is Garden Island well it’s only a few minutes from Port Adelaide situated at the North Arm of the Port River make sure you check the tide schedule before you venture out as the island and it’s surrounding waterways are are all subject to tidal flow. Justin has sent us a few of his photos taken from his Tootega Pulse 95 when he was joined by a small pod of dolphins. If you’ve got similar paddling experiences and would like to share them with us please send them in.

Thanks Justin and we hope you continue to enjoy your paddling and have more dolphin sightings.

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Amanda features on Ch7’s Great South East

Ch7’s Great South East lifestyle program went to air last night, check your local guides to see when it’s shown in your area. Amanda was invited to be part of this story filmed recently at Springfield Lakes in South East Queensland. A great location for a days paddling.

Great South East, discover and explore all that south east Queensland has to offer. Low cost no cost activities for all the family. Events, gardening, National Parks, cooking, accommodation, history, short break ideas and much much more. Sunday’s at 5.30pm.

The new Tootega Plasma Pink Pulse 85 looks great in this segment have a look at the link below.

Amanda & Jessica during filming for Great South East

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Fantastic kayak seat

Tired of trying to get the perfect kayak seat ?  Tried padding it yourself but you never get it just right and its hard to change ?
Well now there is a better way with the Sweet Cheeks Kayak Seat insert and we now have them available on-line and at a special price. Great for sit in or sit-on-top style kayaks.
Check out the product review video at the bottom of the page.

Especially great for kayak fishing. When you’re out there for several hours there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable seat and now you have the answer with the Sweet Cheeks.

How good are they ? Well one kayak paddler just paddled solo across Bass Strait using one in his Nimbus Telkwa kayak and he reports that he had very sweet cheeks all the way. No sore rear end, no numbness and full support in all areas. Now that’s a recomendation.

Check it out at our on-line store. or follow this link to our product page

What is a Sweet Cheeks kayak Seat Insert ? Well it’s just that; an insert for your kayak seat that will transform any kayak seat into the most comfortable seat you’ve ever had.

What makes Sweet Cheeks so special? The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfect bucket seat. No pressure points. No more sliding around on your seat.


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CH7 The Great Southeast TV shoot with Amanda

Keep an eye out for this edition of Channel 7’s The Great Southeast if you are lucky enough to be living in the SE of Queensland.

In Amanda’s own words she describes below the beauty of Springfield Lakes:

“Over the past 8 months I have grown to love a place called Springfield Lakes. I have been lucky to have the opportunity through QLD Canoeing to run school kayaking programs there. In doing so have become somewhat a kayaking ambassador for the lakes area by being a guest at their community “Come try kayaking day” which was a great success.

Today I was happy and proud to promote Springfield lakes by having an on water kayaking chat with Jessica Skarratt from the television show The Great South East. The lakes are a beautiful place to visit for a paddle. The locals are lucky to have such a relaxing peaceful place right at their front doors. The episode will be aired sometime mid April. “

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Adelaide Kayak Fishing

A few images sent on to us from Dave an avid kayak fisherman based in Adelaide. We arranged to freight a Hobie fishing kayak down from Sydney for Dave just prior to Christmas and these few images show you some of his latest catches.

Dave is an informal member of  Kayakfisher SA so if you live in South Australia or just want to chat to local kayak fishers or are looking for someone to go kayak fishing with contact them at Kayakfisher SA

Glenelg River - Bream

Glenelg River

Lake Wendouree - Redfin

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